Euro Gourmet Deli – EGD, is founded in 1981 as Latino GMBH. With about 30 years of experience in the International Business, we provide unique Food & Beverage Products that are being selected across different geographies including Europe, USA, Asia and Latin American Countries. EGD strives to provide quality products to all our customers by offering a wide range of selection to choose from any of our International Brands.

Our Expertise

We specialize in Import of reputed world leading Brands of Gourmet, Natural, Gluten Free, regular healthy products. Our long experience has allowed to grow confidently in multiple markets across geographies and we have successfully added over 40 leading Brands from different markets segments to our portfolio.

All Customer confidence and trust along with strong partner relationships will always be our top priority. As a result, we have gained their maximum satisfaction, trust, support which allows us to deliver best services at all times.